Hawbucks Hold The Door


A big character in a beautiful package. From the beginning he got noticed.

Teun is a son from Yara and Miro, he is from our first litter. Teun has a lovely open character. He loves people and sits constanly on everybody’s lap. He seems to be very curious and exceptionally smart! He is very active and need to be challenged.

When the time is ripe Teun will be completely health tested. He has got a pre-check and everything looks very promising! We hope he will be a great addition healthwise. The character and looks he already got in his pocket!

As you can see on the pictures Teun is an athletic type, he is built finer and has more length in his snout. Why we like that you can read on this page.

Teun is not owned by us. For more information contact us throught the contact form.