Salt Dordtse Bullenhonk


06-11-2011 – 25-02-2016

Our joyful boy, crazy for a game of fetch.

If you say Tyke, you automatically say ball, or stick, or toy, or anything that can be thrown and fetched. He loves it! As a 12 week old puppy he already fetched on his own ititiative.

Tyke has a secret switch button somewhere. On or Off. And with the switch to On he really is ON. Tyke is a high-energy dog, always in the mood for a game. He has a lot of will to please, wich shows from the many classes we followed together. Tyke has done Puppy Class, Obedience in different levels, Agility, Hoopers and now he is commited to Flyball.

Tyke is a dog that absolutely needs his excercise. A lot of French Bulldogs are said to be couch potatoes, but Tyke is not one of them. He always wants to be active and sometimes he has to be restrained from his enthousiasm.

Tyke is very eager to learn, and he is super smart. New tricks are known in a minute and he loves learning new things, being busy together. Tyke is tolerant to other dogs, but he will not let them mess around with him. People are all fun! He loves to cuddle.

On the age of 4 Tyke was abruptly torn away from us. He was terminally ill. We miss him dearly and our friend sportbuddy, cuddlemonster and balljunkie will never be forgotten.