Bulls of Crown Enchilada


Our little princess, she is a real girly-girl. A wonderful dog, with an even more amazing character.

Yara comes from Hungary. A coincidence, because her kennel normally does not breed for athletic types like her. For such a long time we have been looking for a type like Yara, and finally there she was!

Yara is an active girl, always busy with a toy or playing with Lucy. Outside she always is busy, as you can tell from the pictures in her gallery below. She also loves to cuddle. Particularly right on top of you and she wants attention. Her nickname is Baby, because she loves to sleep on you lap like a baby. Yara is incredibly gentle by character and she can get along with everything and everyone. We did puppy training as well as obedience training with her. As a puppy she was a little hard to motivate to work together. When she hit puberty that changed for the better. At the moment Yara is active in agility, she loves it! It is a misconception that you can not play sports with French Bulldogs. Yara is very curious by nature and with a little dedication from both of us she can have a good will to please. She is friendly to everybody and very social.

Yara has passed our extensive health test program, as you can see below on this page. On the bottom of the page are the results, forms and x rays visible.

As you can see on the pictures of Yara, she is of an athletic type, she is built a little more fine than the average French Bulldog. She also has a little bit more length in her muzzle. Here you can read why we are so happy about that.

We are so pleased with her and we hope to get a good base for our kennel with Yara!