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Earlier I wrote about our move and that Yara had great timing to get in heat right now. Tomorrow morning the movers are here. This morning we tested the Progesterone again. It was much higher, up to 8,2! Ovulation! Tomorrow I will be driving to Vegas! Krijn will stay home to be with the movers. […]

The vet

This morning Yara received some more cuddles from the vet. Her Progesterone is again higher. Today it is 3,8. This means we are going to test again tomorrow. Possible ovulation tomorrow..?

Drew blood

Last Saturday we drew some blood from Yara to determine her Progesterone levels. She was exactly one week into her heat at the time. The level was still very low, 0,4. This morning (day 10) we checked again is the levels have risen. This morning her Progesterone was 1,8. Ovulation happens between 5 and 9. It […]

Yara & Vegas

She made us wait for a while, 10 months and 4 days to be exact. But it’s here, Yara is in heat!! Starting next week we will draw some blood at the vet to test for progesterone. With this we can see how far along Yara is in the process of being ready to be […]

Lucy her puppies!

The planning was to notify everybody who registered for the puppycam with an email when labor started. Lucy planned differently. Monday evening (March 12th) Lucy her breathing got a little heavier. We assumed she was preparing slowly for her labor to come. After all, the first stage of labor is heavy panting and shaking. At […]