Back and in heat

Yesterday very early in the morning we arrived back home from our mini vacation. Our destination was Switzerland!

We have met with 2 wonderful males. Both were amazing and just the way how we expected them. To choose one of the two was very hard but we managed to do it. The other male is a very good option for in the future.

The male that we chose is a very beautiful pied male. He is extensively tested and in posession of x-rays of hips, nek, airways and spine. The x-rays looked good, he has 2 hemivertebrae in his thorax region but other than that he is clear from abnormalities. He even had a CT scan of his complete body, including his heartfunction! On the CT we can see the nasal passages are very nice and open all throughout and the spinal cord is nowhere compressed. He is clear from patellar luxation an he underwant a throat inspection.


The cord1-PRA DNA test is on its way for him. When this results come back clear we have found our future combination! For now we have to wait a little longer. Of course we hope he is clear!

The male walks very easy end he is super fast in his sprinting! He excercizes very effortless. He does not make any sound when breathing. He is very sweet and relaxed, very stable in character. We expect very stable, social and sweet puppies from this combination.

Yesterday afternoon Yara got in heat! This heat we will skip a mating because of various reasons. We expect Yara to have her next heat in the end of October. That will be the heat in wich we will travel to the male for the mating!

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