In an earlier blogpost I have written about our difficulties to find the right males. Such problems are not solved within a few months.
This has lead us to make some decisions.

First I would like to explain a little about the current registration system.
When people talk about ‘a pedigree’ usually they mean a FCI pedigree. The FCI is a worldwide kynological organisation that connects the pedigree clubs. In almost every country the FCI has one club that is tied to them. In The Netherlands it is Raad van Beheer. In Belgium it is Sint Hubertus. The FCI is an umbrella organisation. To enter the big shows a FCI pedigree is required. In The Netherlands puppies born under FCI are DNA tested for parentage. In many FCI countries this is not the case. In The Netherlands no health tests are required for French Bulldogs to receive the pedigree. The FCI does not accept pedigrees from alternative organisations, one of the exceptions is AKC in the USA.

In one of my earlier blogs I wrote that it is nearly impossible for us to find what we are looking for within the FCI. This had lead to our decision to not register our puppies in the FCI anymore in the future. We transfer to an alternative pedigree organisation. A registration called Gesunde Bulldoggen Club. The name already gives it away, this pedigree organisation stands for a healthy French Bulldog. They welcome an athletic appearance and all breeders within the Gesunde Bulldoggen test their dogs very thorough. With this conscious choice we widen our horizon. Alle males that have a pedigree not recognized by the FCI are now within reach!

What does this mean for people that want a puppy from us?

For breeders this means that our puppies are not compliant in a breeding program with FCI pedigrees. Of course they can be used in alternative organisations. Parentage is verified by DNA testing.

If there are no breeding plans nothing changes. The puppies still get parentage verification through DNA testing and receive a pedigree. The parents and other anceistors are still known.

The coming puppies from Lucy and Marley will still receive a FCI pedigree. The planned combination from Yara this summer will receive Gesunde Bulldoggen pedigrees. More information on the planned combination from Yara and an update about the status of our waiting list will follow soon after the birth of Lucy her puppies.


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