Day 7


Today is approximately 7 days after Yara ovulated. If the mating was succesful the fertilized egg cells are now on their way from the ovary to the uterus. There they will attach them selves to the uturine wall. The uturus of a dog looks very different than that from a human. It looks like the letter Y. Op the image you can see how that looks. The fertilized egg cells will spread and attach in the 2 horns of the uterus, here they will stay untill birth.


The uturus of a dog.

Everything goes well with Yara. From Tuesday on she is a little less excited when she gets fed. I seems she does not like to eat this much as she did before. Coincedence..? Beyond that we do not notice any changes yet.

We also weighed and measured Yara this weekend:

Of course we see nothing on the outside yet, but still I made some pictures for future reference. Who knows we will see change in a few weeks!
From now on I will update weekly.


Week 1


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