Hawbucks Sorting Hat


The first dog we bred ourselves. How special is that.

Lily is a daughter of Yara, she was born in Yara her second litter. The second she was born, the first of that litter, it was actually blatantly obvious that she would be staying with us. Directly, we had an instant bond together. When she grew in the first few weeks that feeling only got stronger and it became inevitable: she stays with us!

Lily is a real little lady, just like her mother. She is very bright and joyful. Lily has a very gentle character and picks up things very quickly. She loves being with people, and enjoys playing with Yara and Lucy a lot. We are still fully inn the socialization process with her and establishing a firm base. When she is a little older we will find out what sports she likes.

At the age of 7,5 weeks Lily got a spinal x-ray. On this no abnormalities are to been seen at this point in time. When Lily turns one year old we will do prelim exams for spine, airways, neck and hips.

As you ca see on the picture Lily is of an athletic type. She is built a little lighter and has more length of muzzle, she also has a full tail! Why we prefer an athletic type you can read about here.

We are incredibly proud of our first own Hawbucks!