Lucy and Duke

For a while now I was looking around for a good partner for Lucy. The males that had my interest were either too young or not thoroughly healthtested (yet). Until I got a friend request throught Facebook a little while back from somebody who had a stunning male in her profile picture. That was Duke. A beautiful light brindle guy. I instantly sent her a message and we got talking. Duke turned out to be not only beautiful from the outside but from the inside as well. He has a sweet and social character to humans and animals. His health test results are nearly perfect!

Written below are his data alltogether. As per request from the owner the x-ray images and certificates will not be shared publically. Of course they are available for interested families.

Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 02-05-2017
Sire: Aiven vom Hause Kerberos
Dam: Baroness Victoria von den Nibelungen
Birth: Born naturally
Weight: 15 kg
Colour: Brindle

Colour genetics:

A locus: ay/ay
K locus: Kbr/ky
S locus: S/S
D locus: D/D

Results Health Tests:

Cardiac ultrasound with Doppler: No abnormalities
Eye exam: No abnormalities
Hip dysplasia: HD A
Elbow dysplasia: Free 0/0
Patellar Luxation: Absent 0/0
OCD: Clear 0/0


Cystinuria type 3: Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

Results other health checks:

Tail: Pintail, not ingrown
Nostrils: Wide

Hemivertebrae: 0
Spondylosis: No
Calcification interverbral discs: N0

You can find Duke his pedigree here.

I have calculated the inbreeding coefficient for the puppies from Lucy and Duke. Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) is a percentage that tells you about the relation between two animals. Read more about it here.
The COI from the puppies from Lucy and Duke will be 0,57% over more than 10 generations. I am very happy with this numer, as I would like to make combinations that are as unrelated as possible.

The pedigree of the puppies will look like this.

From this combination we expect incredibly sweet, social puppies. The expected colours will be fawn and brindle. Duke does not carry pied, so no pied puppies will be born.

At the moment I am writing this I have 1 or 2 spots open on the waiting list. But, we do not take in any new applicants. Have you been in touch with us before and are you still interested in a puppy we look forward to your email. It can take a while before you will get a response. Earlier experiences taught us that the mailbox explodes after an announcement like this. We handle everything carefully and with attention, so it may take a little time. An email requesting to enter our waiting list does not automatically mean you will be placed on the list. Only after a personal conversation and after that explicit question we place people on our list.

We expect Lucy to come in heat around April. At that moment we hope te make the trip to Duke. He lives an almost 8 hour drive away from us. If all goes well we hope for a litter at the end of June.

Enough text, I think. On to the pictures! Every one of them is clickable.

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