Lucy day 14


When you look at the progress bar above it looks like a lot isn’t it? But still the fetuses are only 1 or 2 millimeter in size.

Today is day 14 after ovulation. Hopefully also day 14 of the pregnancy! At the beginning of this week the cells where only 4 cells big. Now this is 64 cells. It goes pretty fast! The lumps of cells are already transformed into blastocytes and in the coming days they will be real embryo’s. In this 2 weeks the fetus is miniscule but it has a head, spine, stumps as limbs and a tail. It is fed by the yolk-sac and at this stage is very fragile. In the next 2 weeks all of the important organs will be formed. In the video you see more amazing things that nature takes care of.

We do notice some things in Lucy her behaviour. She seems to be super hungry. Normally she could eat quite a bit too, but now she goes on top speed. She seems more calm, more lazy. But she also wants to cuddle constantly, and of course we don’t mind at all.

Lucy is also measured and weighed again:

WeightCircumference last ribCircumference before back legs
Day 011.7 kg42 cm38.5 cm
Day 711.9 kg43 cm39 cm
Day 1411.8 kg44 cm39.5 cm

She has not added any weight, but there is an additional centimeter on the ribs!

Lucy her nipples are definitely more pink and a lot bigger. There is some swelling too at the lowest nipples. Who knows, maybe we can see more changes next week!

Week 1

Week 2

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