Day 56


One week to go! The tension gets higher. Who knows, maybe we will have puppies next weekend! Lucy her belly is almost never still. The puppies now have fur and are all done. Only the lungs and fur must develop a little further.

This week we listened to Lucy her belly with a Doppler device. You can hear the heartbeats very clear!

We are all ready for the birth. This week we will go on watch. Lucy does not stay alone at home anymore. Exciting!

Lucy became very lazy. All she does is sleep. When she is awake she cuddles with us. She is getting trouble finding a comfortable position. She like to lay with her back legs a little higher. I suspect her belly gets a little more room then. Every now and then she tears up her blankets in the whelping box.

Lucy eats 600 grams of fresh, raw food, divided in 3 portions over the day. Still she is nothing too fat, all the energy goes towards her babies.

Lucy is also weighed and measured again this week:

GewichtOmvang laatste ribOmvang voor achterpoten
Day 011.7 kg42 cm38.5 cm
Day 711.9 kg43 cm39 cm
Day 1411.8 kg44 cm39.5 cm
Day 2111.9 kg44.5 cm40.5 cm
Day 2811.9 kg45.5 cm40.5 cm
Day 3511.9 kg51 cm42 cm
Day 4212.5 kg56 cm43 cm
Day 4913.4 kilo60 cm48.5 cm
Day 5614.4 kilo63.5 cm52 cm

One full kilo gained this week! This makes the total 2,7 kilo extra. Poor Lucy, this is almost 25% of her original weight. Her centimeters also keep on going. In total already 21,5 centimeter grown on her ribs and 13,5 centimeter on her waist.

Lucy waggles when she walks. She can not jump on the couch so easy. She is getting a little tired of being not able to do her normal things anymore.

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