Lucy day 58 – safe!

Day 58.. From now on the tension will rise. This is the moment the puppies are viable. We are in the safe zone.

From now on it is ok if the puppies are going to be born. Rather we have them staying inside with Lucy for a little longer. We do notice the area around her vulva is weakening. This is neccessary for the puppies to be able to pass. The hair around her nipples is falling out for the last few weeks. This makes it easier for the puppies to suckle. It is constantly very busy inside Lucy her belly but she does not seem bothered by it a lot She is still calm. Every now and then she pulls on the blankets in her whelping box but it is nothing serious yet. It will probably be a couple more days.

I really hope Lucy will free whelp!

The ones who registered for the livestream will receive an email when the birth starts. Remember to register in time because when labor begins we will not review new applications.

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