Lucy vom Büffelboden


Lucy is our surprise. Unexpected she came in our lives but we are so happy to have her!

At the age of almost 2 years Lucy needed a new home, due to private circumstances at her owners. Lucy is bred by the vom Büffelboden kennel in Switzerland. They health test their dogs very extensively as well before they consider breeding. The breeder got in touch with us if Lucy might be a good fit for our home.

And she is! Lucy is very active and loves to learn. She also comes to get a cuddled a lot. With Lucy we started an obedience course. Later on we want to look what sports she would like. It will definitely involve something with speed, because she can run super fast!

She misses nothing, she is always ready for action. She sings at our neighbor because she would like to get a hug. She can jump very high and loves to do so. She loves to go on a run with us.

Lucy is also fully health tested by our strict protocols. We are incredibly proud of her results. Of course we will publish the results of the tests at the bottom of this page!

As you can see on the pictures Lucy is an athletic type, she is built somewhat finer and has a little more muzzle length. Why we like that so much you can read here.