There he is!

This is him finally, the beautiful male that hopefully be the father from Lucy her first litter at the end of 2017!

I have known him since he was a little puppy and I always adored him. He loves to cuddle, he has great health test results and on top of that he has a beautiful appearance. For us the decision was made quickly, this had to be him!
For some people he is not new. He stayed here a while ago when the girls at his house were in heat. He looks like Yara in everything, character and looks. This is no coincidence, because it is her brother Marley!

This guy is not only pretty from the outside, also from the inside! Below I collected his data. All test results can be found on Marley’s own page on the website from the Loveboat kennel. Marley is tested very thoroughly, almost as much as Lucy. A major advantage!

Sex: Male
Date of Birth: August 28, 2014
Sire: Lanzilo of You-Chuan French Bull Dog Pro FCI
Dam: Bulls of Crown Chaya
Weight: 15 kg
Colour: Fawn
Offspring: 19, 10 males and 9 females

Colour genetics:

E locus: Em/Em
K locus: ky/ky
A locus: ay/ay
S locus: S/Sp
D locus: D/D

Health test results:

Heart ultrasound with Doppler: No abnormalities
Eye exam: No abnormalities
Hip dysplasia: HD A

Bone abnormality 0, Norberg value 40, insufficient connection

Elbow dysplasia: Free 0/0
Patellar Luxation: Free 0/0


Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
Cystinuria Type 3: Clear

HC-HSF4 Hereditary Cataract: Clear
CMR1 Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1: Clear
HUU Hyperuricosuria: Clear
MH Malignant Hyperthermia: Clear
cord1-PRA: Clear

Results Health Test Protocol:

Tail: Pintail, not ingrown
Nostrils: Large
Murmur: None
Throat anatomy:

Elongated soft palate: No
Thickened soft palate: No
Enlarged tonsils: No
Narrow trachea: No
Trachea size: 10,5 millimeter
Larynx: Normal

Hemivertebrae: 1 in thoracic area (T6)
Spondylosis: No
Calcification interverbral discs: No

Marley his pedigree is found here.

I have also calculated the coefficient of inbreeding for the puppies out of Lucy and Marley. The inbreeding coefficient (COI) is a percentage that reflects the relationship between two animals. You can read more about it here. The COI in the offspring from Lucy and Marley is 0,46% over more than 10 generations. I am very pleased about this because I would like to make combinations that are as unrelated as possible.

The pedigree of the puppies will look like this.

Lucy and Marley met each other for the first time last week. They really liked each other! Marley is, just like Lucy, built more athletic. His skull is a little more stretched and with a little longer muzzle. He also has more length in his neck and back. He has a nice little mobile tail, like Lucy.

From this combination we expect very sweet and tolerant puppies that can do well with humans and animals. Little dogs that would like to play some sports and are physically perfectly capable to do so. From this combination we expect (red)fawn and brindle puppies. Because both Lucy and Marley carry the pied-gene there is a chance of pied and fawn pied puppies too. It will be a big surprise!

There is an enormous interest in this combination already. As far as requests go for females I can not add anybody to the waiting list with a realistic chance for a female. For a male we could consider adding one or two to the waiting list but with that it is also very full already. The people that I have been in contact with before are welcome to send me an email if they are interested in a male. Completely new requests we will not consider anymore until next year.

It is flattering that there is so much interest but unfortunately it is impossible to meet in demands. On a daily basis I get emails from interested homes. We are only a small kennel and intend to stay that way so we will never be able to meet all of these requests.

Enough talking, let’s show you the pictures! They are all clickable.

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