The matings

Thursday and this afternoon we drove to Julianadorp with Lucy. On both days Marley mated her.

The breedings where quick, about 10-15 minutes upon arrival we had a good breeding! Lucy found the tying process a little scary at first but after some comforting words everything was fine. They did everything them self, like they are supposed to do.

This means we can also start counting days! Days are counted from ovulation, that is day 0. Today would be day 2

Thursday evening we measured and weighed Lucy and we will repeat this weekly. Lucy measures 42 centimeter behing her ribs and 38,5 centimeter in from=nt of her back legs. Her weight is 11,7 kilo.

In about 30 days we will be making an ultrasound, exciting!!

During the (anticipated) pregnancy I will update how things are going. I will also tell what is happening inside Lucy. Today a fragment from the documentary ‘In The Womb’ by National Geographic.

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