The truth must come out

For years responsible breeders test their dogs by performing x-rays. This has not (yet) lead to significant improvement of the deformities on the spine. We would like to help to make the population more healthy so we went out and searched for better methods to be able to reach our goals. Because of this we extended our testing protocol. From now on we will also perform CT scans on our dogs. These CT scans will be made from the entire spine as well as the throat and nose area. With these we can make much better judgements of what is really going on inside. On an x-ray you can only judge the vertebrae from the outside. A narrowing of the vertebrae is not or poorly visible. With a CT scan that is completely different.
A CT scan makes little ‘slices’ and forms a threedimensional image. It gives us also the great opportunity to judge the nose passages and throat area. Something that a manual inspection can only do to a certain level.

But we didn’t stop there..

Every now and the we see a French Bulldog with the condition CM/SM. Chiari Malformation or Syringomyelia. This is a very painful condition. It is also know as ‘skull too smal for the brains’. It disturbs us that we see this condition around us and we think it is irresponsible to not act on it. So MRI scans will also be made from the head. This is the only way to diagnose CM/SM.

With these (pricey!) tests is our protocol greatly extended! Read more on the how and what of CT or MRI scan on our Health Tests page.

Of course all test results will be shared on our page publically, just as all the other testresults.


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