This is him!

Here he is, the gorgeous male who will hopefully be the father of our first litter in the end of 2016! His name is Kasimir-Miro vom Büffelboden and he is called Miro. When we saw him in Switzerland it was love at first sight. Miro has an amazingly gentle character but he is always in the mood for playing. He runs incredibly fast and it does not seem to cost him any effort at all. Miro has a wonderful stamina and he is an easy mover just like his health tests confirm.

This guy does not only have the looks, but he is also beautiful on the inside! Below you will find his data alltogether, devided in tabs. Below the tabs you can find further information.

Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 28-11-2013
Sire: Galileo de la Roseraie des Grands Ducs
Dam: Erika von der Veilchenwiese
Weight: 16 kg
Colour: Pied
Offspring: 6, 3 males and 3 females

Colour genetics:

K locus: Kbr/?
S locus: Sp/Sp
D locus: D/D

Health test results:

Heart ultrasound with Doppler: No abnormalities
Eye exam: No abnormalities
Hip dysplasia: HD A
Patellar Luxation: Absent 0/0

Full body CT scan


cord1-PRA: Clear

Results Health Test Protocol:

Tail: Pintail, not ingrown
Nostrils: Large
Murmur: None
Throat anatomy:

Elongated soft palate: No
Thickened soft palate: No
Enlarged tonsils: No
Narrow trachea: No
Trachea size: 11 millimeter
Larynx: Normal

Hemivertebrae: 2 in thoracic area (T5, T9)
Spondylosis: No
Calcification interverbral discs: No

Miro his pedigree is found here.

I have also calculated the coefficient of inbreeding for the puppies out of Yara and Miro. The inbreeding coefficient (COI) is a percentage that reflects the relationship between two animals. You can read more about it here. The COI in the offspring from Yara and Miro is 0,43% over more than 10 generations. I am very pleased about this because I would like to make combinations that are as unrelated as possible.

The pedigree of the puppies will look like this.

Yara and Miro had direct chemistry together. It also shows good on the pictures. They kept playing together. Later we were invited in Miro his home and again he and Yara where getting along wonderful! Miro is built a little more athletic. He has slightly longer legs, spine, neck and a little bit more nose length. From this combination we expect very sweet, social and tolerant offspring. The expected coat colours are fawn and brindle.

Enough talking, let’s show you the pictures! They are all clickable.

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  1. Barbara Nigg
    Barbara Nigg says:

    The care and time you invest in planning this litter is not only exciting to follow – it’s exemplary. Miro and Yara make a fantastic couple and I love how they both sail through the air with ease and gusto! The sportier build and longer noses are beautiful!


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