Unexpected expansion

Well over a month ago I received a message. If I was interested..? We were totally not searching for anything but this was very obvious very soon. We are getting expansion!

Her name is Lucy.

Lucy is a bitch and she will be 2 in July. Due to pricate circumstances at her owners it was in Lucy her best interest if she would get a new home. Lucy a a halfsister from Miro, the father of our first litter. This makes her the aunt of these puppies! When this message gets online we will we on our way home with Lucy. We will be travelling for a little while because Lucy did not live next door. Ze lived 900 kilometers away from us! On May 14th we took a flight to meet her and her previous owners to get to know each other. Once we arrive it took exactly one nanosecond for us to be fallen in love. Ze is so great!

If all goed well we hope to contribute to the breed with Lucy as well. She has already had some x-rays taken from her airways, neck, spine and hips. These look amazing! When she is more comfortable here she will be tested more thorough through or own protocol.
The results of the health tests she had so far are on her own page.

Stephanie, thank you for thinking of us!

Miriam and Christian, we are incredibly grateful to you that you trust Lucy to us. We will do everything we can to give her an amazing life!

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