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Teun his health tests

Teun is now well over 20 months old and so it became time for his health exams. Teun is an athletic, strong male and he would contribute in a positive way to the population. Because our testprotocol is so extensive not all specialists could be present at the same time. So the exams were split […]

Hawbucks Priori Incantatem

Hawbucks Priori Incantatem, the puppy with the Yellow band, unfortunately passed away. During the birth he already had a hard time and he cam into the workd blue and lifeless. After working on him for a good while he seemed to get started. On Friday night he drank on his own with Yara. Saturday came […]

The puppies from Yara and Vegas

There they are! After a long day and night the puppies from Yara and Vegas entered the world. We are very happy that Yara delivered her puppies naturally, with some humps down the road that she took like a champ. I am happy to introduce: The first born puppy, a girl. After a short panting […]