Day 56


One week to go! The tension gets higher. We will have puppies next weekend! Yara her belly has big waves on it sometimes. The puppies are almost never still, I wonder how she can sleep so good. The puppies now have fur and are all done. Only the lungs and fur must develop a little further.

We a all ready for the birth. This week we will go on watch. Yara does not stay alone at home anymore. Exciting!

A quick reminder for the application for the livestream. Once Yara starts with her delivery I don’t have any time to approve anybody last minute. Make sure you have the approval well before the expected due date!

Yara still sleeps a lot, she is also very cuddly. We notice she is tired sooner. Hours of active walking in the woods is now a little too much. We now walk no longer than one hour and this goes still very well. Every now and then she loses a little slime. Yara is still bothered by hormonal itchiness at her ears, although it does seem to fade a little.

Yara is also weighed and measured again this week:

WeightCircumference last ribCircumference before back legs
Day 011 kg48,3 cm42 cm
Day 711,3 kg48,6 cm42,5 cm
Day 1411,4 kg48 cm43 cm
Day 2111,3 kg48,5 cm43,5 cm
Day 2811,1 kg48,5 cm44.3 cm
Day 3511,3 kg50,5 cm45.5 cm
Day 4211,4 kg53 cm47 cm
Day 4911,9 kg56 cm50 cm
Day 5612,4 kg60 cm52 cm

Sha gained some weight again this week. In total now 1.4 kilogram. 4 centimeter on her ribs extra this week. In total she gained 12 centimeter on her ribs.

Her head and legs look like they no longer belong to her big body. She can not reach everywhere anymore, it looks very sad.

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