The puppies from Yara and Vegas

There they are! After a long day and night the puppies from Yara and Vegas entered the world.

We are very happy that Yara delivered her puppies naturally, with some humps down the road that she took like a champ.

I am happy to introduce:

The first born puppy, a girl. After a short panting period of only 3 hours this girl came into the world very easy. A beautiful little fawn girl that weighs 190 grams and has a long tail!

After this a long pause followed. Something that made me pretty nervous. With Yara her previous litter the second puppy was the reason for her section. That puppy lied on it’s back into the birth canal and because of that she could not push him out.
This time Yara had trouble with the second puppy as well. After a while it became clear that this puppy also would not enter the world so easily. Luckily a friend and breeder offered to call me and deliberate what was a wise move. During our call we saw feet emerge. This time again the puppy was on its back! Because the puppy was in a feet-first position I could turn it around with some effort and there she was! She weighed in at 242 grams and has a special marking, called Urajiro.

After that hard work a third puppy was born very easily. He had a normal position. It is a redfawn male that weighs 230 grams. He also has a long tail!

Then came another big male of 258 grams. He is also redfawn and has a long tail.

Yara was starting to get exhausted. The second puppy had taken it’s toll. She had little energy left to push out puppy number 5. I had to work hard for this puppy too. Together we got him out, she couldn’t have managed it on her own anymore. Because his way to the world was a long one he was already blue and lifeless. We did everything we could to bring him back and after a good while we did it! He had some starting up issues and he squeaked a lot. He was active bbut he did not drink with Yara. I probably hurt him quite a bit when I grabbed him to guide him through the birth canal. I am not surprised, because it took me a lot of strength to get him through! After advice from another breeder I gave him a tiny bit of milk through tubefeeding so that he could get some strength back. This worked almost instantly, after 15 minutes he was drinking on his own! Now we don’t notice anything about him anymore, he weighed 238 grams and he also has that special Urajiro colour. What a surprise!


I am so incredibly proud of Yara! She got through this pretty difficult birthing amazingly and she cares for her puppies with so much love. The milk keeps on flowing and they get constant care. We are over the moon with these beautiful puppies that Yara and Vegas made together!

These puppies will also get a litter page filled with their developments. All puppies are reserved.

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  1. Anastasia Pappas
    Anastasia Pappas says:

    Wow! What an epic adventure – and they all look so peaceful and happy as though nothing has happened. These three long tails are, I think, the longest I’ve ever seen on a Frenchie pup – can’t wait to watch them grow! Chantal and Yara should receive a medal for bravery in the face of danger, indefatigable valor and focus in spite of all odds – and pup life support/revival — all by themselves!


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