Lucy her puppies!

The planning was to notify everybody who registered for the puppycam with an email when labor started. Lucy planned differently.

Monday evening (March 12th) Lucy her breathing got a little heavier. We assumed she was preparing slowly for her labor to come. After all, the first stage of labor is heavy panting and shaking. At night Lucy joined us in bed, as always. Around 2:30AM she still would not settle. Because Krijn had to work early in the morning I took Lucy downstairs. Around 6AM the real panting began, as with the discomfort of Lucy. Around 6:15 I called Vera from her bed, she would be present in the labor. Lucy had no idea what got to her. It was very clear she wanted me in the whelping box with her. As soon as I attempted to take dome distance she would come after me directly. Then I took the decision to not send out the notification email, after all Lucy needed me the most.

After Lucy started panting things moved on quickly. At 7:10AM she pushed for the first time and after a few minutes a beautiful fawn pied male entered the whelping box. His weight was 226 grams and he got the blue band.

Vera arrived shortly after the delivery of puppy blue. Lucy did not have long to adjust to her newly found motherhood because at 7:50 the next puppy was born. A brindle male, weighing 210 grams. He got the light green band.

Lucy gave herself no rest after the two boys where born. At 8:35 puppy number 3 was born, a female this time. Brindle and 240 grams. She got the pink band.

As fast as lightning another girl came into this world at 9:15. She is also brindle and got the orange band. She weighs 264 grams.

For number 5 he slowed down a bit. He arrived at 10 past 10. A male this time. Brindle and 236 grams. He wears the yellow band.

Last but not least a fawn male was born. He weighs 216 grams and he got the dark green band.

Lucy brought all the puppies into the world by herself and we are incredibly proud of her achievement. She is an amazing mother and all puppies are doing great on their first day. Some will recognize the pedigree names as a theme. The theme for this litter is Lord Of The Rings! The puppies all got a pedigree name matching this theme.

Vera, thank you for your help and presence!

For the further development of this litter we made the litter page. During the next couple of days and weeks the development of the puppies will be seen there. The video of the delivery will be placed there too for those who have missed it.

All puppies are reserved.


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  1. Frank
    Frank says:

    Well done Lucy, congratulations! Fingers crossed all the puppies will be as strong and healthy as their mother


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