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Before we start with the introduction I want to be very clear. Hawbucks will and won’t breed on colour. This male is not chosen for his colour but because of his excellent health.

Now we have that out of the way..

The male we chose for Yara is called Vegas. His pedigree name is From The Little Big Voyage of Life and he is blue pied. He has a beautiful face and even a long, functional tail! Yara and he met each other for the first time on Valentines Day, very appropriate. Vegas has a very sweet, stabile and social character and his health test results complete the picture. His spine is completely free from abnormalities, he has beautiful hips, eyes, elbows, etc. He has a great stamina and silent breathing.

When we saw him we were in love instantly!

Below I have gathered his data, devided in two tabs. Below the tabs is further information.

Sex: Male
Birth date: 21-11-2015
Father: From The Little Big Please Love Me
Mother: Hollywood Bastille Öre
Birth: Naturally born
Weight: 14 kg
Colour: Pied
Offspring: 0

Colour genetics:

K locus: Kbr/ky
S locus: Sp/Sp
D locus: d/d

Results health tests:

Cardiac ultrasound with Doppler: No abnormalities
Eye exam: No abnormalities
Hipdysplasia: HD A
Elbow dysplasia: Clear
Patellar Luxation: Absent 0/0


Cystinuria: Carrier
Embark profile: to follow

Results other health checks:

Tail: Pintail, not ingrown
Nostrils: Wide

Hemivertebrae: 0
Spondylosis: No
Calcification interverbral discs: No

You can find Vegas his pedigree here.

I have calculated the inbreeding coefficient for the puppies from Yara and Vegas. Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) is a percentage that tells you about the relation between two animals. Read more about it here.
The COI from the puppies from Yara and Vegas will be 0,4% over more than 10 generations. I am very happy with this numer, as I would like to make combinations that are as unrelated as possible.

The pedigree of the puppies will look like this.

Some people might have already seen it. Both parents are tested carrier for Cystinuria type 3. This test is a marker test. This means that the exact responsible genes are not found yet but there are suspicions these genes are somehow related to the responsible gene. It is not said ‘Affected’ dogs will actually be affected and will develop symptoms.
Cystinuria is a condition where bladder stones are formed. These stones will only present itself in adult, intact males. If any symptoms will show it will usually be around 2-3 years old. Females will never get symptoms. After castation there will be no stones that from (anymore).. In theory there will be 25% clear puppies, 50% will be carrier and 25% will be affected. Of course theory is not always equal to the real world.
All males will be tested in the litter and the results are known before owners are matched to a puppy.

Yara and Vegas are a great couple together. They kept running around and play. From this combination we expect incredibly sweet, social puppies. The expected colours will be fawn and brindle. Yara does not carry blue, so no blue puppies will be born.

At the moment I am writing this I have 1 or 2 sports open on the waiting list. But, we do not take in any new applicants. Have you been in touch with us before and are you still interested in a puppy we look forward to your email. It can take a while before you will get a response. Earlier experiences taught us that the mailbox explodes after an announcement like this. We handle everything carefully and with attention, so it may take a little time. An email requesting to enter our waiting list does not automatically mean you will be placed on the list. Only after a personal conversation and after that explicit question we place people on our list.

Enough text, I think. On to the pictures! Every one of them is clickable.

2 replies
  1. Frank M. Bürgin
    Frank M. Bürgin says:

    Hi – I very much like the pairing of Yara & Vegas and would be interested in a puppy (male)
    Best regards, Frank

  2. Frank
    Frank says:

    Hi – I left a reply here the other day, mentioning I am looking for a male puppy; the plan is to use him as a stud for kennels breeding according to the standards of the “Gesunde Bulldoggen E.V.”. While growing up with Riesenschnauzers I’ve had Irish Wolfhounds and English Mastiffs since and our first Frenchie joined us eleven years ago. Sadly he passed away the end of 2016. I’ve done a lot of research on Bully breeding since and checked out several kennels, finding yours through “Gesunde Bulldoggen EV”
    Best regards, Frank


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